A wide variety of Tilt Trays 

At Hervey Bay Tilt Tray Hire our vehicles are our pride and joy. Regular services and maintenance on them are taken out to ensure that they are operating the way they should be. Being a family run business we include our vehicles as part of the family! Call us today to discuss how we can assist you with your transport needs.

The Ute

We have the smallest Tilt Tray in Hervey Bay that is equipped with 5.2 meter tilt slide tray with remote and Fassi F450 crane to do those little jobs. With a 4.4 Tonne carry capacity it’s not scared of a heavy load has got all signage and flags for oversize loads ideal truck for those hard to get places.


Dad's Toy

The largest tilt slide body truck in the Wide Bay is equipped with tilt slide tray with remote and PM 12.5 crane. The vehicle has just under 8 meter tray; the whole truck being a whopping 12.5 meters long. Dad’s toy has a 9 tonne carry capacity and like “The Ute” all out vehicles are equipped with all signage and flags for oversize loads.


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